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About Us

Chubby Gorilla was founded with on a pretty simple idea: make products that people love using. That's why our mission statement is "Engineered for a purpose, designed for a purpose." Every day that simple statement informs every single decision that we make, from the types of high-quality materials that we use to how our talented engineers build our products. We stay focused on that one purpose: building products that people love to use.

That purpose gets expressed at Chubby Gorilla in a few very interesting and exciting ways that are unheard of in our industry. First, all of our products are designed and engineered right here in California. We have a team of designers, product engineers, and quality-assurance specialists whose sole job is to ensure that every unit that gets shipped out to our customers around the world is flawless. Second, our team has decades of combined experience and passion in the industry that allow them to produce quality products that meet precise, unmet needs in our market. Finally, the materials and construction of our products all point towards our ends users' convenience and pleasure. From the leak-free design and pressure seal testing to the narrow drip tip and slim design, everything about our products is aimed at making our customers fall in love with our products.



The mission statement of Chubby Gorillas is "Engineered for a purpose, designed for a purpose." We don't just toss those words around lightly. We know that there our customers have lots of choices available to them, so we take every single syllable of that statement very seriously. When our customers open up a box of our products, we want it to be a unique and unparalleled experience and here's how we make that happen.

When you encounter a business whose only purpose is to take your money, you know it. There's something about a product that was made "just good enough" and customers can smell that from a mile away. At Chubby Gorilla, the purpose in our engineering is to make a product that is the best, that won't fail our customers, and that gets them excited about what's inside. To do that, we keep all of our engineers under one roof right here in California. Plus, we work with engineers who not only have experience in our sector, but are passionate about it. This allows an unprecedented attention to detail, sharing of experience, and, ultimately, a much better product for our loyal customers.

On the design end of our products, our commitment to the ultimate purpose is unflinching. From the specific circumference of our bottles, to the types of lids we use and the placement of our proprietary logo: everything remains focused on the specific purpose of making our customers fall in love with our products. One of the best ways we do that is working with designers who, like our engineers, are genuine enthusiasts in our industry. Because they use our products and are constantly exploring new design methodologies,